It’s been almost 4 months we started to cooperate and I see we made a good decision to be a Trelawny distributor. Being a Trelawny distributor and having their products in stock in Turkey immediately gave us new customers. In this time, Trelawny helped us win business from a Russian shipping company and also a Turkish shipping company who we were not selling to previously. Therefore, we are benefitting from Trelawny’s reputation and contacts immediately. We were selling Far-East products which caused us problems after we had sold them. Now we are receiving perfect feedbacks from our customers for Trelawny’s higher quality products.

Emre Özgen, Özgen Ship Supply, Turkey

We are really happy with the SF11 performance, it has done the best work in the least amount of time. It is doing such a good job that we are ordering another one to have aboard!

Mark Elwell, Rowan Companies, USA

I have owned the VL303 Low Vibration Needle Scaler for at least 10 years now. Prior to my purchase I had tried various fibrous stripping discs and chemical strippers however all were just a chore; in comparison, the VL303 was much easier to use and great at shifting deep rust and cured baked paint etc., prior to repairs. The VL303 Low Vibration Needle Scaler has stood the test of time, as it is still in use today, and has given the best value for money as, to date, I have only had to purchase one spare part. Thank you for the exceptional speedy service your company has achieved for me. This must be mentioned as I have never come across such high levels of service and communication in my whole life of trading; no other company has come close. Trelawny SPT has met and exceeded my expectations by 120%!

Andy Gunton, MLP Ltd, United Kingdom

A job well done with my purchase-you are a great team-thanks again!

Willem F.H., South Africa

On behalf of everyone here, thank you and everyone at Trelawny for all the great products and professional assistance provided to our company throughout the year. You are truly a great supplier.

Mike Marshall, CS Unitec, USA

Can't thank you enough for your superb customer support. So glad we'll be getting them back in service. I used one [VL303 Low Vibration Needle Scaler] over the weekend for the first time and was very impressed with the great reduction in vibration compared to the "standard" needle gun we used to use.

Dave Cake, Keystone Shipping Services, USA

Thank you for your help, Its a pleasure to deal with friendly efficient company like yours, seems to be a rare thing nowadays.

Darren Sired, Sired & Co

We are pleasantly surprised about the cooperation with the staff of Trelawny! Tazik is serious at work with our problem and our questions are quickly answered [...] Great to work with your company!

Harro Boven, Steelcon, Netherlands